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Youtube MP3 v.0.9.2 – Video converter for Youtube. Video converter for Youtube.
MP3 Converter is a standalone Video to MP3 Converter that converts any video file
in its entire file format to MP3. The Youtube MP3 does not require any software installation. It will convert MP3s from almost all video formats and file formats. This software is completely free for personal and commercial use.

links to G3-Extended.mkv*Probe/Monitor your screen quality.*Easily connect your iOS device and play Youtube videos on it.*Choose from your MP3 or AC3 music in iTunes.*Close Spotify and iTunes when you are done listening to a song.*Lockscreen is back with a new look.*Press and hold the home button for up to three seconds and “wake” your device (You can make it one or two more seconds with “Auto-Lock” enabled)*Ability to suspend iTunes.*New colors of the notification bar.*Option to have iTunes not auto-start if the device is not connected to the internet.*Bash script for starting http/ftp requests.*Customizable volume control with slider in music

The MP3 Converter v.0.9.2 is the latest release and it is the
version I will recommend to everyone. This version includes the following features: – A wide range of conversion formats and codecs. – Fast and lightweight. – Auto-detects your video codecs